What is Dry Type ?

After molding a product at the bottom mold of a machine, the heat is added on the top in the first place, on the top and at the bottom in the second place, and on the top and at the bottom in the third place to dry the products inside the mold, therefore, products by dry type molding has accurate size and beautiful outward appearance.


IPP-720A IPP-960A IPP-1310A
Number of Machine 3Unit 1Unit
Mold Base Size WxL (mm) 720mm x 600mm 960mmx 700mm 1.310mm x 1.100mm
Weight of Machine/Unit 7.5TON 12TON 15TON
Height of Product Standart 110mm (change Possibility)
Pressure(3rd upper) 6~30TON 75TON 75TON
Cycle Time 26~30sec 28~30sec 35~42sec
Source AC, 380~415V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
Electric Requirement 450kW/3Unit 650kW/3Unit 400kW/1Unit
Pressing & Sliding System Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Heating Electric Heater
Vacuum System Liquid ring vacuum pump
Vacuum (mmHg) ~710 mmHg (Maximum)
Power of Compressor HP) 35HP/3Unit 75HP/3Unit 50HP/1Unit
Installation Area (WxLxH) 20mx18mx6m/3Unit 20mx20mx6m/3Unit 6mx20mx6m/1Unit
Control System PLC, Touch screen, CC Link, internet
Produce Method Vertically operated 3 steps such as forming & drying system
Raw Materials Waste paper, White board paper, Corrugated paper etc.